Nanna B. Karlsson, Glaciologist

My name is Nanna Bjørnholt Karlsson (she/her). I am a Senior Researcher at the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland and Affiliated Professor at DTU Space.
I study the impact of climate change on the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets.

My research is motivated by the urgent need to understand the response of glaciers and ice sheets to climate change. I am interested in a range of processes and dynamics that influence ice sheets and their interactions with the climate and surrounding landscapes.

 In my work, I use observations, mathematical models, and statistical methods. I am lead scientist in the GEUS automatic weather station monitoring programmes GC Net and PROMICE which takes me to Greenland on a regular basis.

Current Research Projects

I am involved in numerous research projects about the polar regions and our changing climate. Check out a few of these projects below.

Villum Experiment

What happens during the winter in the Greenlandic fjords? I received funding from the Velux Foundations to investigate.

ESA Polar+ 4DGreenland

Meltwater in Greenland: When, where and how much? That is the overall aim of this project funded by the European Space Agency.

Automatic Weather Stations

GEUS maintains a network of more than 30 weather stations on the Greenland Ice Sheet. I am lead scientist for the northern and interior sites.

Glaciologist, geophysicist, planetary scientist

Increasing awareness of diversity in science

Views from my work in the Polar Regions.



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